Jay Philip Paul, PhD, LMFT

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Are you living a life today based upon your own choices and satisfying your own needs? Or are you living out a life defined by others' needs and expectations -- or outdated expectations for yourself?

Part of facing life's challenges of today and tomorrow is having greater self-awareness. The opportunities offered by the present may be difficult to recognize when that perspective is cluttered by the past. I can help to provide new ways of looking at your life, ways that guide you in recognizing new opportunities for yourself.

I can help you to find solutions through

  • learning new communication and interpersonal skills
  • gaining new perspectives on the issues that frustrate and challenge you,
  • acquiring a better sense of your own emotional needs and the concerns that may drive your patterns of behavior, and
  • approaching your life with an emphasis on the here-and-now rather than having past painful experiences define how you act and react.

Look around my website to learn more about me, and how I work with individuals and with couples. Feel free to contact me by email or by phone to discuss arranging an appointment.

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