Jay Philip Paul, PhD, LMFT

About Me

I have been a licensed psychotherapist since 1982 in private practice, working both with individuals and couples. My clinical work with couples has been influenced by trainings held by the Gottmans. I have also supervised the work of other clinicians, and trained others in interviewing and clinical techniques. I have extensive experience and expertise working with the LGBT community as well as with the general community. 

You can read more about that on other pages of this website.

You will also want to know what it would be like to work with me, and my own interpersonal style. All my years of practice have emphasized what a crucial part the client/therapist relationship plays in the ultimate success of psychotherapy. It is an important part of choosing a therapist. The best way to learn about whether there is a match between us is to meet for an initial session.  

Working together in therapy means letting down walls and opening yourself up to the possibility of being truly seen and understood by another person -- perhaps for the first time. Clients generally have given me feedback that they find me warm, and feel comfortable confiding in me.

I was lucky in my early life to have had someone who managed to convey to me that there was something wonderful about being uniquely my own person. The value of that relationship has remained with me always: how important it is to have someone who can see you as a unique individual, reflect back that understanding of you with all your strengths and vulnerabilities, and appreciate what you have to offer. Providing that has always been a priority in my own practice as a psychotherapist.

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