Jay Philip Paul, PhD, LMFT

Therapeutic Approach

The process of psychotherapy must be an active collaboration between the client and therapist. You will find that if we work together, our sessions will be a comfortable but also stimulating place to work on your issues. We will begin by discussing your concerns, how those issues fit into your life history and relationships, and defining goals for treatment.

Sometimes, the first step in addressing one's problems is going through the process of defining some initial achievable goals for creating personal change. 

Together we will identify your existing strengths, and the ways in which you can use them and add to them to meet the challenges you face now and in the future. Based upon your needs and personal style, I will adapt the techniques that I use so that we can work effectively together.  

Psychotherapy is also an ongoing process of clarifying your personal concerns and goals. Thus, how you identify your concerns and your priorities over the course of our work together may change.

Integrating those new insights and wishes into our work together is an important part of learning flexibility in approaching problem-solving in life -- and so becomes important to our work together.

If you are seeking counseling, you have probably tried to work through certain problems in your life. However, you may lack tools to break through certain barriers, or you may be stuck in repeating ineffective problem-solving strategies. I offer you an opportunity to learn new skills. Valuable insights can emerge into how your problems and your unsuccessful efforts to “fix” things relate to broader patterns in your life.

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